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Corrugated Plastic
(CRP Series)
A fast drying high gloss ink designed for indoor or outdoor use. Suitable for corrugated plastic sheets manufactured from special copolymer resins. CRP-0000 series inks exhibit excellent scuff, water and outdoor resistance P.O.P / DispIay, real estate signs, bus signs Corrugated plastics, fluted copolymer resin plastics , polypropylene
General Purpose
(GP Series)
A long-term multipurpose outdoor ink designed to print on a wide range of substrates. GP-0000 Series ink eliminates the need for carrying a large inventory of different types of ink. Ideal for P.O.P. and general display applications where a gloss finish , scuff resistant surface are required. P.O.P. / Display ,signs, decals Paper and card , wood, polystyrene, vinyls(PVC), ABS, acrylics ,top-coated polyester, Tyvek.
Gloss Enamel
(GLE Series)
A high gloss multi-purpose ink designed for long term outdoor application. Ideal for exterior signs, POP/displays,treated (P&P) containers Outdoor metal signs, & displays, license plates, novelties ,packaging containers ,reflective signage. Paper, metal ,glass, wood ,masonite ,treated polyethylene and polypropylene, pressure senstive materials.
Gloss Lacquer
(GLL Series)
A general purpose hard finish nitrocellulose lacquer with an excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. GLL-0000 series inks have excellent opacity, high gloss, and good mar resistance and is designed for indoor and medium term outdoor application. Paper and card displays, greeting cards , foils ,book covers, hockey sticks Lacquer and pyroxillin coated stocks, card/paper, wood, treated polyester.
Gloss Vinyl
(GLV Series)
A general purpose , gloss vinyl screen ink designed for printing on vinyl surfaces where a high gloss finish, flexibility and outdoor durability are required. Ideal for fleet markings , vinyl upholstery decoration, PVC and acrylic containers. GLV-0000 series ink exhibit excellent screen stability Vinyl banners , decals, sub-surface printing, flexible signage , PVC containers Pressure sensitive vinyl films, vinyl coated products ,rigid and flexible vinyls PVC bottles , vinyl top-coated polyester films, acrylics, polycarbonate.
Modified Acrylic
(AM Series)
A fast-dry long term outdoor vinyl ink designed to print on a wide variety of vinyl and vinyl coated products Ideal for fleet markings and membrane switches. Vinyl banners , decals, flexible signage , acrylic displays Meet markings, membrane switches. Pressure sensitive vinyl films , vinyl coated products, , vinyl top-coated polyester films, acrylics, polycarbonate, reflective vinyl , flexible vinyl awnings , ABS.
Matte Vinyl
(MAV Series)
A matte finish general purpose vinyl lacquer formulated for printing on rigid and flexible vinyls and vinyl coated fabrics. Designed for indoor and medium-term outdoor exposure, e.g; bumper stickers , beach balls , etc. Novelties, book covers, inflatables ,decals. Some vinyl coated products ,rigid and flexible vinyls.
Poly Acrylic
(PAC Series)
A high gloss ink designed primarily for potycarbonate membrane panel printing . These inks exhibit good printing qualities , exterior durability and excellent adhesion to polycarbonate. Membrane switches, automotive dial displays Polycarbonate ,acrylics, ABS, cellulose acetate butyrate , polystyrene and rigid PVC.
Poly Enamel
(POE Series)
A fast-dry glossy scuff -resistant ink for decorating poly containers, paper, card and wood. These inks exhibit excellent resistance to a wide range of consumer chemicals. Poly containers. Treated polyethylene and polypropylene.
Poster Fluorescent
(FP Series)
A general purpose fast dry daylight fluorescent ink designed for printing on paper ,caid, masonite, fibre board, sealed wood ,hard board, particle board and some polystyrene. Inks exhibit excellent printability and optical impact P.O.P / displays ,posters Paper, card ,wood.
Satin Poster
(STP Series)
A fast dry satin finish poster ink designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for printing on paper and cardboard for most P.O.P. display applications. P.O.P / displays, billboards. fine art printing. Paper, card stock, sealed wood, masonite.
(SCO Series)
An opaque scratch-off ink designed for overprinting on print images. Suitable for loterry tickets, sweepstakes, games direct mail coupons etc. Prints can be removed easily with fingernail or coin and does not powder. Lottery tickets, games Card, paper